Consulting Services

We take pride in providing all the tools necessary to run a seamless event with some of the most innovative products on the market.


We'll help turn your new idea into a complete success. All aspects of the event will be meticulously planned to ensure a flawless execution.


Our network of experienced professionals will provide you with the ultimate team. This includes live casters,  tournament organizers, and event staff. 


With the ability to live stream to multiple platforms such as Twitch, Youtube, and Facebook, we will be able to capitalize on event exposure and viewership. This means more bang for your buck. Everything from channel setup to post-production, we've got you covered.


When running online and LAN-based tournaments, the last thing you want is a last-minute concern about power or internet. No need to worry! Our team will be there to create a network design and power layout. We also provide technical staff and equipment to get the job done. 


Get the word out for your next event! We meld digital and traditional marketing techniques to reach the right audience in the right places. 

Analytics + Consulting

We look at all the data to understand current market trends and provide actionable insights. Keep your business ahead of the competition.